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Most people in America seem to have digestive problems, such as , constpation, gas bloating, indigestion, morning sickness, ets. They rub the essential oil form Di-Tone, which contains peppermint oil, on their stomachs and are surprised that their symptoms go away almost immediately. It is womderful to know that we don't have to ingest the oils for them to work. It has been discovered in clinical practice, while doing bacteriology studies with the blood, that there was an incredible amount of food bacteria in the blood serum because it didn,t digest and couldn't get through the cell wall because of low oxygen levels. When we put the oils in the food products, we would not find any undigested food bacteria in the blood.

When used as a food additive , essential oils increase the absorption of the food nutrients. In order to have good health, the body must be cleansed of toxins. It is important to cleanse the bowels because from here toxins are released into the blood stream and travel to all parts of the body. It appears that the oils help the food digest better, prevent unfriendly bacteria growth and increase cell metabolism because of their oxygenating molecules. This in turn may help in balancing the pH of the cells for increased nutrirional intake while enhancing the delivery of nutrients to the cells. These products provide an easy, gentle way for the body to cleanse itself. The incorporate of essential oils into food supplements as a flavoring and preserving agent, wi a very exciting advancement in the field of food supplementation. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ A.D.&E: This is a liquid combination of vitamins A, D and E formulated with the essential oils of spearmint and peppermint. This powerful antioxidant of beta carotene has been reported to help improve eyesight, skin, hair and the immune system.

ARTHRO PLU: is an herbal tincture that, combined with essential oils, can be taken orally or topically for help in the relief of arthritic pain, rheumatism, or bursitis. It works well with ArthroTune.

ARTHROTUNE: contains butcher's broom, yucca, alfalfa leaf and capsicum, which have all been used to fight arthritis. Pure grape pit extract, Uncaria Tomentosea and alpha gluteric acid make this a powerful formula when used to fight and protect the body against arthritis.

BODY BALANCE: Is a result of years of research and is designed to help balance the body at its ideal weight. Advanced techonology has made lowheat, glasspack pasteurization of nonfat dry milk possible leaving the enzymes intact. Lecithin gives the body tissue elasticity and fatty acids required to maintain a proper digestive balance. It contains a complete amino acid and vitamin profile and has a high level of protein to maintain muscle tossue. The oils in Body Balance may help dissolve hard fatty deposits and decongest the lymphatic system. It may be used as a meal replacement and is delicious blended with fresh fruit or juice.

CHELEX: Contains herbal ingredients synergistically formulated to help rid the body of heavy metals and other immune-damaging free radicals. Heavy metals absorbed from the air, water, food skin care products, etc, Lodge and store in the fatty layers of the body and give off toxic gases in the system, which may create allergic symptoms. Ridding our bodies of heavy metals is extremely important in order to have healthy immune function, especially if we have mercury fillings. This formula contains the essential oil of helichrysum, which may help the body in elimination of heavy metals because of its natural chelating action.

COLLOIDAL ESSENCE: Is a special formulation combining colloidal gold and silver. Colloidal gold has been used to prevent and help overcome arthritis and has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal silver has been found to be antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial and a powerful antioxidant. This combination has been reported to prevent candida overgrowth and give support to the immune and digestive systems. Colloidal Essence was formulated to the immune and digestive systems. Colloidal Essence was formulated to provide maximum benefit by duplicating a high ppm rating frequency of colloidal silver and gold and the safety of a very low ppm rating of metallic silver and gold. This process ensures maximum strength and safety.

COMFORTONE: Maay aid in relieving complaints from constipation, bloating, gas and indigestion, as well as helping to romove toxic by-products from the body. It has also been reported to help the body dispel parasites and enhance colon function.

Femalin: Is an herbal and oil tincture formulated to help protect the female reproductive system fro

m candida and degeneration. It has been reported to be very beneficial in getting rid of uterine and ovarial cysts.

FEMIGEN: Is an herbal formula, with nonanimal glandular substances and amino acids, which helps build and balance the reproductive system and maintain better hormonal balance for developmental years all the way throught menopause. When one has experienced mood swings, P.M.S., and symptoms related to menopause, it is an indication that the body is nutritionally out of balance. GOJO BERRY TEA: Is a delicious-tasting antioxidant tea that may help support the immune system. The wolfberry is traditionally used in China to protect the body from cancer, liver and kidney problems and as an antioxidant, promotes longer life. It has been reported from various universities in China, Hong Kong, Peru, etc., That the plant Uncaria Tomentosa has been used to fight and prevent cancer and arthritis. Nopal, used in Mexico, has been tested and found to reduce cholesterol, burn fat and prevent diabeted. Purple Lapacho has been peported to help support the body by cleansing the lymphatics, building blood cells and preventing disease. Ginseng, for thousands of years, has been used in the Orient to extend life and balance hormones. The oils of lemon, peppermint and spearmint help promote circulation and leukocyte fprmation.

HRY: Is a formula that was created out of specially selected herbs and oils to give nutritional support to help overcome deficiencies and irregularities of the heart.

I.C.P. FIBER BEVERAGE: Is a source of fiber and bulk, which help speed the transit time of waste matter through the intestinal tract. The psyllium, oat bran, flax and rice bran are balanced to eliminate allergy symptoms that may be experienced when taking psyllium alone. Essential oils enhance the flavor and may help to dispel gas and discomfort.

IMMUGEL: Is a unique blend of liquid amino acids, ionic charged trace minerals and herbal extracts with essential oils, creating one of nature's most powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial formulas. Amino acids have a unique ability to neutralize and help eliminate free radicals in the system.

IMMUNETUNE: Was created as a super antioxidant to support the body''s immune defense system and fight against free radicals that are the primary cause of disease. The curcuminoid blend in this product has been found to be 60 percent stronger in antioxidant activity than pine bark or grape pit extract. However synergism is the key to obataining maximun effect. Through the combining of 250 mg. per capsule of curcuminoids and 92 percent grape pit extract, we can increase the antioxidant frequency from 28 to 46 Hz. pure DHEA is added as a very essential element in supporting the immune system and promoting longevity and strength. The minerals are added, which play an important part in maintaining cell electrolyte and PH balance. Whith chromium to cupport the metabolism and selenium to support the nervous system, its antioxidant ability adds to the synergism of the formula. With yucca and echineaca lending their support to immune system, the antioxidant and anti-infectious attributes increase the nutrient support. The essential oil of orange increases the flavinoid activity; pine, fir, and thyme oils increase the antiinflammatory action; and cistus adds its autoimmune support.


The Wolfberry is a formula that plays a major in helping the body to detoxify. The final products of digestion are transported through the portal vein from the colon to the liver to be cleansed. Another benefit that has been reported is that while taking JuvaTone, addictions to coffee, tea, tobacco, sugar and alcohol are diminished. Many people have also found JuvaTone beneficial for reducing skin problems.

K & B: Combined with oils, has herbs which have been used traditionally to help the kidneys and bladder in cases of irregularity, infection and bed-wetting.

MASTER FORMULA HIS-HERS_CHILDREN: Is a high-quality multivitamin mineral, and amino acid supplement , which is formulated using a special sixteenvitaminins and herbs from the synergistic ones so they do not become abrasive and destroy each other. The Master Formula tablet has a special Zein coating derived from corn and the amino acid L-Phenylalaine, enabling the body to recognize this supplement as a food, allowing for a faster conversion and assimilation. HIS: is formulated with more zinc and arginine, especially for men. HERS: is formulated with more magnesium, calcium and B vitamins to specifically help the special nutritional needs of women. CHILDEREN: is a special chewable multivitamin formulated for children in the early growth years and for maintenance for adults in their lated years. It is made with Chinese Wolfberry and grain proteins for added immune support, with beta carotene, vitamin C, amino acids and stevia.

MEGAZYME: is a formula that helps to supply enzymes to people who have difficulty digesting or assimilating food. Enzmes help digest toxic waste and gases from everyday metabolism and retard the aging process.

MINERAL ESSENCE: Contains 80 plus ionic trace minerals. These minerals have the smallest molecular form, which facilitates their transmission across a lipid barrier[as in a cell membrane]. Trace minerals are very vital elements of the human body. Without them, we would lose the electrolyte balance in our cells, which would contribute to premature aging and disease, Heart disease, which is the number one killer in America, may syart from a trace mineral deficiency in the smooth muscle of the heart. Trace minerals play an important part in immune and metabolism functions. For example zinc carries out 200 enzyme functions and protects the prostate, skin, hair and nails. Magnesium has the responsibility of 300 enzyme functions, with many that are heart related. Trace minerals are vital as oxygen. When combined with honey and royal jelly, they support blood sugar and help with energy and hormonal balance. The fluids of the body are largely ionic. Ions regulate acid-base balance and water balance and serve essential roles in nerve condition muscle contraction, heart action, blood clotting, protein metabolism, bone process is dependent on ions. This action then becomes the energy source that initiates body functions ranging from muscle contraction to creative thought. The essential oil of cinnamon is antiviral, antibacterial and is a very powerful antioxidant containing high levels of phenols, which are the lxygenating molecules that work as a catalyst. Lemon promotes leukocyte production, which is an important function of the immune system. Peppermint is antibacterial and is a great support to the nervous system. These oils improve nutritional delivery and greatly enhance the taste of Mineral Essence.

MINT CONDITION: Is a combination of herbs and oils that may help to soothe an irritated digestive system, reduce inflammation and improve digestive function. It has been reported to help reduce ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gas and acid indigestion. It works harmoniously with Megazyme and Di-Tone. Agood combination is to use Megazyme before meals and Mint Condition after meals.

PROGEN: Is a new all-vegetable and herbal support for the male glandular system. The Pygeum Africanum has been used for years to prevent prostate atrophy and malfunction. With support from the total formula, we hope to see protection from prostate cancer and better glandular function. The oils used to flavor enhance this formula have been reported in Eurpoe to also help support and prevent degeneration.

PROGESSENCE: Is a topical cream containing natural progesterone derived from soy added to flax seed, lecithin and vitamil E. This combined with Siberian ginseng, black and blue cohosh and the essential oils of clary sage, sage, fennel, bergamot, ylang ylang and yarrow, which have traditionally been used to help the body produce the natural hormones of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. It also contains wild Mexican yam, which has been widely recognized to produce natural estrogen and DHEA> Based on the research of John Lee M.D., natural progesterone may help normalize thyroid function and blood sugar levels, improve bone density, increase metabolism normalize cell oxygenation, enhance libido and diminish wrinkles. Dr. Lee also indicates that progesterone may be converted to estrogen if there is an estrogen deficiency. Progesterone supports hormonal balance, thus helping PMS, hot flashes, headaches, athma, backaches, infertility, inflammation, exhaustion, insomnia, arthritis, prostate problems and many others. It is best absorbed through the soft areas of the skin, such as inside the arms and thighs or as desired. Some may want to apply it once or twice daily while others may want to apply it only once or twice weekly.

RADEX: As an antioxidant, was formulated with essential oils to help support the body in the prevention of free radical buildup from air pollution, chemicals and radiation and to increase oxygen in the system. The super oxide dismutase has been found to be a free radical scavenger.

REHEMOGEN: Contains herbs that were used by Chief Sundance and the native American Indians as a blood cleanser and builder, especially for blood-related and other degenerative diseases.

ROYALDOPHILUS: Is extremely important for acidophilus to implant on the intestinal wall for the culturing of intestinal flora. The problem with lactose intolerance is that the pasteurization of the milk before being cultured kills the enzymes. Our whole-milk acidophilus provides greater culture and inhibits allergy reactions. In our research, we found that plantain increases the culturing and bioavailability of the intestinal flora, helps to reduce digestive problems and is very soothing to irritable bowen problem, where intestinal flora is absent. Although this product contains no essential oils, it is very beneficial to our digestive system and in preventing candida overgrowth.

ROYAL ESSENCE: Is a tincture that is a combination of herbs, minerals, amino acids, royal jelly and essential oils that help support the body and increase energy, endurance, and mental capacity. This product contains no caffeine or any other addicting properties. It has been found to help balance electrolytes and homones, improve digestion, and is an excellent product for someone who is on the go all the time.

STEVIA: Has heen used as a sweetener in South America for over 1500 years. It is 30 times sweeter than sugar and comtains no calories. However, stevia has only been approved in the U.S. as a dietary supplement by FDA since September 18, 1995. Scientific research has shown that stevia helps regulate both high and low blood sugar, increases energy energy and mental awareness, lowers elevated blood pressure and inhibits the growth of some bacteria and infections, including those that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Many people also taut the wonderful attributes of stevia for smoothing wrinkles and softening and beautifying the skin.

SUPER B: Is a powerful natural antioxidant. It is imporant to have a B-complex formula that can deliver all of the essential nutrients needed to support the body's cells, particularly in times of stress when assimilation is most difficult. Although this formula contains no essential oils, it is important for our bodies, as most diets are deficient in this vitamin, to have the B vitamins necessary for normal functions of immune response.

SUPER C: Ia properly balanced with rutin, biotin, bioflavonoids and trace minerals to work synergistically, balancing the electrolytes, which increase the absorption rate of vitamin C. The essential iols may increase the oxygen and the bioflavonoid activity. This is a wonderful antioxidant. SUPER CAL: Is a specially designed calcium, potassium and magnesium mineral supplement, which is important for proper hormonal balance and muscle and bone development. It has been found to help the nerves with stress any help with and prevent hives.

THYROMIN: Is a special blend of glandular nutrients, herbs, amino acids, minerals, herbs and essential oils perfectly balanced to bring about the most biological and nutritional support to the thyroid. This gland regulates body metabolism and temperature and prevents fatigue, etc., so it is extremely inportant that it be healthy to function properly.

VITAGREEN: Is a high-protein chlorophyll formula, which helps the body maintain a high energy level. It is made with a base of alfalfa sprouts that are 100% organic and are grown indoors. It may aid in cleansing the blood and supporting the immune system. Alfalfa sprouts, barley grass and spirulina have been reported to help balanc blood sugar levels, alleviating that tired, run-down feeling. The essential oils in this formula may enhance immune function. VitaGreen is also beneficial fo O bloodtype vegetarians who need more protein. ALKALIME: A precisely-balanced acid-neutralizing formulation designed to combat yeast and fungus overgrowth and preserve the body,s proper pH balance-the cornerstone of health.[ingeredients] calcium carbonate, sodjum bicarbonate, magnesium citrate, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, schuessler cell salts 6X, sea salts, proprietary blemd of grade A essential oils. How do you know if you need this product [the tell-tale signs] fatigue, low energy, unexplained aches and pains, overweight conditions, low resistrance to illness, allergies, unbalanced blood sugar, headaches, indigestion, colitis, ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, urinary tract infections, rectal itch, vaginal itch. BODYLITE AM/PM: BodyLite work of five levels-Level 1 helps stimulate the pituitrary 2. Blocks the synthesis and promotes the oxidation of fat and retards the breakdown of esisting muscle tissue. 3. cleanses the liver through a triple-action formula of celery seed,metabolic enzymes and picroliv 4. Enhances metabolic uptake and cellular oxygen levels and help promote hormone balance through a select blend of essential oils. 5. Provides the key micronutrients such as chromium and B vitamins that synergistically bind with tissue-building amino-acids to promore optimum protein synthesis.[ingredients]HCT< L-carnitine,Picroliv, Digazyme, celery seed, myrtle, tangerine, spearmint, Peppermint, grapefruit. EXODUS: SULFERZYME: A landmark new vitamin-activating body-fortifying, imune-boosting nutrient concept. Sulferzyme is an unique combination of Methyl Sulfonal Methane [[[[[[[msm] and Lyceum Barbarum [the chines wolfberry] that together with ionic minerals create a bold new concept in reviving the immune system, supporting almost every major body function, and forestalling an array of degenerative conditions. [some possible signs of sulfur-deficiency are], poor nail and hair growth, falling hair, eczema, dermatitis, poor muxcle tone, acne, pimples, falling hair, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, weakening of nervous system , constipation, impairment of mental faculties, lowered libido.