Many of the skin and hair care products today contain harmful petrochemicals that cauuse allergic reactions and skin and scalp irrtations. They use mineral oils that dehydrate the skin and sodium laury sulfate that causes allergies, dandruff and scalp rashes. Chemical molecules plug the pores of the skin, causing loss of oxygen and irritation. The ancient Egyptians used fine vegetable oil as a carrier for the essential oils. Their small molecules are absorbed into the derma and subderma skin cells to kill bacteria, oxygenate, regenerate and rehydrate the cells. Skin care products, which are free of petrochemicals and animal products and are formulated with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, are perfect products for maintaining beautiful, healthy skin.

MASSAGE OILS: Massage or therapeutic touch has always been part of the healing for both physical and emotional needs. When essential oils are combined with massage, the benefits are numerous. It improves circulation and lymphatic drinage and aids in the elimination of tissue wastes. The oils create peace and tranquility while bringing about keen mental awareness. Massage opens and increases the flow of energy, balancing the entire nervous system and helping to release physical and emotional disharmony. The unrefined carrier vegetable oils are rich in fat-soluble nutrients and essential fatty acids, which are easily absorbed throught the skin and utilized in the body.

CEL-LITE MAGIC:Combines sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E with the essential oils of cedarwood, juniper, clart sage and pepper, which are reported to tone the skin. The oil of cypress enhances circulation, strengthens vascular walls and decongests the lymphatic system. Orange and grapefruit oils are beneficial in dissolving cellulite.

DRAGON TIME: Has the essential oils of clary sage, fennel, sage, jasmine and lavender, which have been shown by European research to have beneficial results in helping to reduce some PMS and premenopausal symptoms and helping to correct hormonal imbalances. In addition to massage, it is nice to put one-half ounce in the bathtub for a soothing, refreshing bath.

ORTHO EASW: Massage oil has been used in European hospitals to help relieve muscle cramps and arthritic pain and to give relief to sports injuries. The essential oils of birch, juniper, marjoram, red thyme, vetiver, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass all assist with aches and pains.

RELAXATION: Blends the essential oils of tangerine, rosewood, spearmint, peppermint, ylang ylang and lavender, which help us to relax and unwind, and has been reported to be beneficial for stress, muscle cramps and tension.

SENSATION: Combines the exotic oils of ylang ylang, rosewood and jasmine. Sexual problems are an ever-increasing challenge today. The increased chemicals in our environment, air, food, water and stressful lifestyles all contribute to glandular and hormonal imbalance. Sensation leaves skin feeling silky and youthful, and its beautiful fragrance may stimulate feelings of romance and desire.

V- MIXING OIL: Combines food-grade vegetable oils for mixing with essential oils to create blends, formulas and massage oils. Grape seed oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E are nurturing to the skin as natural antioxidants. V-6 is also excellent for cooking and making salad dressings



CALIFORNIA PEACH FACIAL CLEANSER: Is a cleansing agent that contains the essential oils of rosewood, ylang ylang, rosemary and melaleuca that dispenses nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Peach and apricot oils cleanse and close pores.

MINT FACIAL SCRUB: Eliminates layers of dead skin cells. Oatmeal and corn flour provide a mild abrasive texture that helps stimulate the pores, bring oxygen to the surface to prevent premature aging of the skin cells. It is excellent for teenage skin, providing soothing relief to those with acne. This scrub can be used as a drying face mask to draw impurities from the skin. If the texture is too abrasive, it can be mixed with the california Peach Cleanser. The essential oils of lavender, melaleuca, palmarosa, peppermint, rosemary, rosewood and spearmint are wonderful combination for cleaning and disinfecting the skin.

MOISTURIZERS: HONEYSUCKLE ROSE MOISTURE CREAM: Has the luxurious, refreshing fragrance of spring flowers and is excellent for dry or prematurely aging skin. The essential oils of lavender, rose and rosewood are very beautifying to the skin and when combined with the fragrance of honeysuckle, gardenia and lilac create a wonderful scent.

SENSATION MOISTURE CREAM: Contains the exotic oils of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and rosewood, which help maintain a youthful and exude a delicious, tantalizing fragrance.

LOTIONS AND CREAMS: GENESIS HAND AND BODY LOTION: Is a beautiful blend of coconut oil, lecithin and essential oils. It moisturizes, softens and protects your skin from harsh weather, work, chemicals, household cleaners, etc. The essential oils of rosewood, geranium, chamomile, patchouly, jasmine and rose penetrate and increase absorption, leaving the skin feeling smooth and when combined with honeysuckle and gardenia provide a beautiful fragrance.

GENTLE CARE ROSE OINTMENT: Is a skin ointment containing sesame oil, lanolin, lecithin, vitamin E, beeswax, avocado, sweet almond, apricot, and grapeseed oils that feed and nourish the skin. These ingredients combined with the essential oils of rose seed, catrrot seed, myrrh, rosemary, patchouly, rosewood and melaleuca supply nutrients that help slow downthe aging process and assist in the healing of skin conditions; such as, psoriasis, diaper rash, chapped skin and poison oak or ivy. SENSATION HAND AND BODY LOTION: Is delightful to wear with its intoxicating combination of rosewood, ylang ylang, jasmine and rose. It leaves the skin soft and moist as it protects the skin from harsh weather, chemicals and dry air.

SUNSATION SUNTAN OIL: Contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, mink oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E that help filter out the ultraviolet rays without blocking the absorption of vitamin D, which is important in skin and bone development. The essential oils of Lavender, melalewca, lemongrass and citronella accelerate tanning oils of lavender, melalewca, lemongrass and citronella accelerate tanning and act as a natural insect repellent. There are no chemicals or additives in Sunsation. It has a 6 SPF rating.


Our shampoos are mace from the most natural products possible: vegetable oil and lecithin for lather, panthenol and panthetine to strengthen and feed the hair shaft, and herbal extracts to clean the hair and scalp. Selected essential oils carry the nutrients to the hair follicles and subdermal cells to improve hair texture as well as to protect the hair and scalp from exposure to chemicals, hair spray, permanents and coloring. They are formulated in a base of water, castile, cocodiethanolamine, algenic acid, panethol, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, nettle extract, birch bark extract, biotin, floral water, jojoba, safflower, avocado and wheat germ.

APPLE BLOSSOM SHAMPOO: Is a multipurpose shampoo. The essential oils of rosemary, lavender, rosewood and juniper create a springtime scent. It is perfect for every member of the family, including babies.

LAVENDER SHAMPOO: may help prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and reduce dandruff and scalp rashes. The essential oils of lavender, rosemary, juniper, cedarwood, clary sage, and ylang ylang make this a favorite shampoo for everyone.

ROSEWOOD MIST SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: Contains the essential oils of rosewood, palmarosa, sage, lavendin, clary sage, rose, patchouly and ylang ylang, making it a great combination for hard-tomanage dry hair, split ends and damaged hair from perms, hair coloring and bleaches.

SILKEN ESSENCE CONDITIONER: Leaves your hair silky and smooth. It contains egg biotin, olive and avocado oils, nettle extract, henna and the essential oils of sage, rosemary, ylang ylang, yarrow, patchouly clary sage, rosewood, cedarwood and lavender, which act as a moisturizer that not only protects the hair but leaves it shiny and manageble. The ingredients have been used in Egypt for hair car for thousands of years.


Algin, oilive oil, vegetable glycerine, floral water, vitamin E. Lecithin, wheat germ and essential oils create a synergistic action for cleansing and stimulating subdermal and dermal cells. They nourish and replenish the nutrients necessary for skin and cell regeneration. The essential oils in these fprmulas allow our skin to breathe and assimilate more oxgen, which is the key to maintaining youthful cells.

DRAGON TIME BATH & SHOWER GEL: Was blended for that time of the month that leaves women with lower back pain, stree and sleeping difficulties. The essential oils of clary sage, fennel, lavender and jasmine work well together and are soothing and uplifting both physically and emotionally.

EVENING PEACE BATH AND SHOWER GEL: Blends the essential oils of blue chamomile, clary sage, lavender, rosewood, rose and ylang ylang, which relax tired, fatigued muscles and help alleviate stress and tension.

MORNING START BATH & SHOWER GEL: Is an invigorating gel that combines the essential oils of lemongress, cypress, rosemary, juniper and peppermint, giving you a fresh start to your day with the surge of energy needed in today's fast-paced world.

SENSATION BATH & SHOWER GEL: Contains the oils used by Cleopatra to enhyance love and increase desire to be close to that someone special. The essential oils of rosewood, ylang ylang, jasmine and rose create an enchanting fragrance.

BATH GEL BASE: Contains the natural ingredients of olive oil. vegetable glycerine, flora water, algine vitamin E, Lecithin and wheat germ for cleansing the pores of the skin. You can add Singles and Blends to create the fragrance or therapeutic action desired. It is fun to be able to create your own fragrance for gifts for family and friends.

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