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An essential oil blend can be created for therapeutic effect, the beauty of a fragrance or both. A synergistic effect is possible when the essential oils work together harmoniously. You do not need to be an expert in the use of essential oils to create blends. We've outlined below some basic information that may be useful to you as you journey into the creativity of blending. When creating a blend you will want to consider, the purpose of the blend, the desired therapeutic effect and or , the type of fragrance desired, the concepts of a balanced blend. You will want to familiarize yourself with the fragrance and effect of essential oils. Breathe the aroma and note how it makes you feel, calm, uplifted, focused, sensual, other things to do are to note the scent, is it light, fresh, strong, green, other. To test the aroma of the individual essential oil you can, breathe directly from the bottle, swir the essential oil in the bottle to stir up the molecules first or place a drop on an unscented tissue, blotter paper or other porous type paper and breathe.

You may experience olfactory overload if you are testing the aroma of different essential oils. You will no longer be able to smell them! This is common. You can restore your sense of smell by smelling coffee beans, or the simplest your armpit.

When blemding for therapeutic effect, determine the essential oils that may be useful, , list the oils in priority order when several effects are desired, test the fragrance.

Some pointers for creating a balanced blend. There is no limit on how many essential oils you can use in your blend. Many blends for therapeutic effect contain only 3 or 4 oils, but other contains 13 or more.E