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Oil Blend Formulations

ABUNDANCE: Was created to enhance the frequency of the magnetic field around us through electrica stimulation of the somatides and the cells. This frequency creates the law of attraction. Diffuse, wear on wrists, behind ears, on neck like perfume, or carry in purse or pocket.

ACCEPTANCE: stimulates the mind, compelling it to open and accept new things in life that would allow one to reach toward one's higher potential. It also helps one overcome procrastination and denial. Diffuse, apply over the heart, on the wrists, the neck and the face.

AROMA LIFE: May help support cardiovascular function and bring balance to the blood and the lyphatic and circulatory system. Apply over the heart, on the feet, on the hand under the ring finger, above the elbow, behind the ring toes on the left foot and dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil for body massage.

AROMA SIEZ: May help relax, calm and relieve tight sore, tired, and aching muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue and stress. Apply on location for all muscles, neck, feet and stress headaches. Add to bath water and dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil for body massage.

AWAKEN: May Help bring one to an inner knowing in order to make changes, enabling one to make desirable transitions and reach one's highest potential. Diffuse, add to bath water, dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil for body massage, wear over the heart, on the wrists, on the neck and use as an aftershave.

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Contains the oils of the evergreens and spices, reminiscent of Christmas, bringing joy, happiness and security. Diffuse, sprinkle on logs in fireplace, on Christmas trees, on cedar chips for dresser drawers or on potpourri. Use all year round.

CITRUS FRESH: Helps bring about a sense of well-being and is said to bring joy to the heart. It has been found to be relaxing and calming, especially for children. It works well as an antiseptic in the air for killing bacteria. Diffuse, put in bath water, over the heart, on the wrists and the ears, and dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil for full body massage.

CLARITY: Has been reported to be beneficial for memory retention and mental alertness. Rosemary and peppermint, found in this Blend have been used for years to improve energy levels. One may want to study with clarity, then smell Clarity while testing and what was studied earlier will come back. It is also a stimulants for low energy. It may keep one grom going into shock. Massage across brow, on back of the neck, on temples, and on wrists. Add the oil to the bath water. Wear as perfume or cologne. Put a drop on your finger and lick it off.

DI-TONE: May help improve the digestive function, These oils combined have been found to be beneficial in digesting toxic material and for alleviating indigestion , stomach cramps, upset stomach, belching, bloating, and heartburn. DI-TONE behind the ears has helped alleviate, morning sickness. It has been found to rid animals of parasites by applying it to their feet. It has been reported that it alleviates parasited by massage and compress application across the stomach.

DRAGON TIME: May help alleviate pre-menstrual and menstrual cramps and discomfort by massaging across the lower back, lower abdomen, around the ankles inside and out. It has also been found helpful in alleviating power surges [hot flashes] for women when combined with Mister or Endo Fles. It may also help men with prostate problems.

DREAM CATCHER: Is a oil that was created to open the mind, to enhance dreams, to help one visualize and hang on to their visions or dreams until they become reality. It may also serve to protect one from Negative Dreams, to help one visualize and hang on to their visions, or dreams until they become reality. It may also serve to protect one from negative dreams that might steal one,s vision Put on the forehead[3rd eye, brow chakra], eye brows, temples, behind ears, and throat chakra [base of neck]. Wear as perfume or cologne. Put under nose or on pillow. Use for Meditaionn and Sweat Lodges. Put in bath water. For Dream Awareness, put Dream Catcher on pillow, Awaken on Temples, and Motivation on chest.

ENDO FLEX: Is a beautiful blend for overall endocrine balance support and to improve vitality of the body. It may support the Pineal and Pituitary glands, Parathyroid, Thymus, and Adrenal glands. It has been found to alleviate hot flashes and to stimulate weight loss by improving the metabolic function. It may support the Thyroid for metabolic and hormonal balance. Put on the thyroid, kidneys, liver [front right 2" down from bra line]. Pancreas [front left], and all glands. It warks best when applied to Vita Fles points on feet. Apply under big toe and on the throat or endocrine gland location.

EN-R-GEE: May help improve one,s energy in a natural way without overstimulating or creating problems that may be uncomfortable. It may help with mental alertness. Apply on the wrists, behind and on the ears. Massage across nap [base] of the neck, temples, and rub of the feet in the morning. Dilute with v-6 Mixing oil for full body massage. Wear as a Perfume or cologne. If you would like to feel like you have had 8 hour of sleep, rub En-r-gee on feet and Awaken on temples.

FORGIVENESS: May help people move past the barriers in life. It brings them into a higher spiritual awareness of their needs, which leaves an angelic feeling in their soul that raises their frequency to the point where they feel almost compelled to forgive, forget, let go, and go on with their lives. Massage clockwise over the navel[key area lasts longer], heart, behind the ears, and on the wrists. Apply as perfume or cologne.

GATHERING: Increases oxygenation to the Pineal gland, bring us more into a harmonix frequency to be a receptor of the communications that we desire to receive. It may help bring people together in spiritual oneness with God. It moves people in a profound way. This oil should help bring not only the physical but also the emotional and spiritual thoughts and feelings together for great focus and clarity and to prevent all the fracturing of thought energy. This helps us find a greater peace and balance. It helps to keep us focused, grounded, connected, and clear. This blend should help gather our potential for self-improvement. It is good to use when there has been a lack of sleep. It is proving to be a very powerful oil in supporting and protecting the body from outside attacks. It is an amplifer. Put it on the forehead, heart, right temple and take across to the left temple, on the bottom front of the neck, thymus, face, chest, and on each side near the shoulders. Apply anywhere and wear as ps perfume or cologne.

GENTLE BABY: Is for expectant mothers and newborn babies. Men can use it for chapped skin and as aftershave. It is comforting, soothing, and relaxing for expectant mothers and babies. It relieves stress during pregnancy and is beneficial during birthing process. It enhances the youthful appearance of the skin. It helps with skin elasticity and stretch marks. Every oil in gentle baby is for skin regeneration and should be used to prevent and retard wrinkles. It is so soothing to the skin. It can also be used for diaper rashes. Apply to VITA FLEX points on inner ankles, across lower back and abdomen [to reduce cramping and stretch marks], feet, face, and neck areas. Dilute with V-6 Mixing oil for full body massage. Wear as perfume or cologne. Add to bath water. For baby when using on baby dilute by 1/2. You can blend with V-6 oil and rub all over baby for full body massage, feet, abomen, lower back, face and neck areas.For delivery massage perineum to avoid an episotomy. It may help the body to stretch.

GROUNDING: Helps stabilize and ground us in order to deal logically with reality in a peaceful manner. Sometimes we disconnect from reality eith because we are excited about new ideas or want to escape into a protective fantasy. Our escape makes it easy to make choices that lead to unfortunate circumstances. Grounding may help us deal with reality. wear on the back of the neck and on the temples.

HARMONY: This bring us in harmony with ourselves, our creator, others, and the world around us before we can truly feel and onercome our negative emotions. When we have harmony in our lives, many other things will come to balance and fruition. It may promote physical and emotional healing, by bringing about a harmonic balance to the chakras [energy centers] of the body, which allows the energy to flow more efficiently through the body. It may reduce stress and create a general overall feeling of well being. It unblocks chakras. Wear on each chakra [or place on hands over chakras, ears, feet, over the heart, and over areas of poor circulation. You may want to start at the feet and go up the body centers and then over the crown. Wear it as perfume or cologne. If there is an allergy or irritation to the smell of an oil, do the following, place harmony on both hands, put on hand over navel and the other hand over the thymus[aboue heart] and hold for 20 seconds, change hands and repeat.

HOPE: Has the ability to help support the body physically and mentally in giving us hope. These oils when inhaled together may give us the feeling of going forward with hope and achievement. It reconnects us with a feeling of strength and grounding. It may help relieve derpession and suicisal thoughts. Apply on the ears[outer edge]. It may be placed on the chest, heart, temples, solar plexus, across the nap of the neck [in back], feet, wrists, or any place on the body. For suicide thoughts, use on ears and wrists. Wewr as perfume or cologne.

HUMILITY: Help us have humility and forgiveness it also helps us heal ourselves and our earth. It is an integral ingredient in having forgiveness and seeking a closer relationship with God. Through its frequency and fragrance, you may find that special place where your own healing may begin. Rub over the heart, on the neck and temples.

IMMUPOWER: Is a powerful oil blend for builing, strengthening and protecting the body and supporting it's defense mechanism. This blend raises the frequency of the immune system and supporting its defense mechanism. This blend raises the frequency of the immune system which helps one overcome the flu, colds, respiratory problems, infections, etc. It should be used to protect the home environment. Put Immupower seems most effective on the throat, chest, spine, and feet. Apply 2-3 drops on Thymus in a clockwise motion. Stimulate by tapping the Thymus with energy fingers [pointer and middle]. Also put on the jugular veins on your neck and on your arm pits. Use immupower and raindrop therapy up the spin for a fever, virus, or to strengthen the immune system. Put 2 drops on the feet in the morning to provide protection from the chemical environment.

INNER CHILD: Has a fragrance that may stimulate memory response and help one reconnect with their inner-self or own identity, which is one of the first steps to finding emotional balance. When children have been abused and misused, they become disconnected from their inner child, or identity, which causes confusion. This can contribute to multiple personalties. These problems may not manifest themselves until early- to mid-adult years, often labeled as mid-life crisis. Apply around the navel and nose.

INSPIRATON: Has oils that have been combined to help enhance those desirous in communicating and getting closer to the creator and enjoying the spiritual aspect of life. It relieves negative thoughts and enhances spiritual awareness. It creates a space for prayer and inner awareness during meditation and prayer. Apply to horns [right and left sides of forehead], crown, shoulders, and back of neck.

INTO THE FUTURE: Helps one leave the past behind in order to go forward with vision and excitement. So many we find ourselves settling for mediocrity and sacrificing one's own potential and success because of the fear of the unknown and what the future may or may not hold. This blend was formulated to support the emotions in helping us create the feeling of moving forward and not being afraid to let determination and that pioneering spirit come throught. Living on the edge with tenacity and integrity brings the excitement of the challenge and the joy of success.

JOY: Creates a beautiful complimentary blend of oils. When inhaled, it bring back memories of being loved, being held, sharing loving times, feeling and opening those blocks in our lives where perhaps we've shut down to love or receiving love or love of self. When there is grief, the adenoids and the adrenals shut down;JOY opens thes glands. Apply around the heart, ears, neck, thymus, heart chakras, temples, across brow, and wrists, Apply on heart vita flex point, Put 4 drops in Pharaoh and Rawhide aftershave. Put in bath water, use as compress, dilute with V-6 mixing oil for a full body massage. Place on areas of poor circulation. Wear as perfume of cologne especially over the heart. Put 2 drops on a wet cloth and put in the dryer for great smelling clothes.

JUVAFLEX: Has oils that have been recognized medically and traditionally for helping aid the body in cleansing the liver and building a stronger system. It helps the lymphatic system, detoxifies, and givies digestive support. Anger and hate are stored in the liver, which creates extreme toxicity. Liver cancer is caused by solidified hate. Juva Aflex is for chelating and breaking through barriers. Apply to vita fles points on feet, spine, especially over the liver and entire body [dilute with V-6 mixing oil]

MELROSE: Was formulated for cleansing and healing cuts, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, but primarily, to help with tissue regeneration from damage or injury. It also helps with skin abrasions, burns, rashes, earaches, gums, cole sores, canker sores, and candida. It is a topical antiseptic, it fights infection and kills anaerobic bacteria and fungus. It has been use to help [animals] a horse with skin cuts. Apply across brow, elbow pressure, thumb vita flex points, and liver. Apply topically on cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, or any infection. Put 1-2 drops in ear for earaches.

MISTER: Was formulated to help balance male energy and may help regulate prostate function. However, it has been used successfully in eliminating hot flashes for women. Generally, Mister is good for women age 30-45, Endo Flex is for women age 45+ and Dragon Time is for women up to age 30. Apply to vita flex point on ankles, lower pelvis as a compress and vita flex points on body. Use directly on area of concern. Use on prostate [dilute please]

MOTIVATION: Was created to help people overcome fear and procrastination and to take action in their lives. It has an electrical frequency, which may help enable one to overcome the feelings of fear and procrastination and help stimulate feelings of moving forward and accomplishing new things. Diffuse, apply on ears, feet [big toe] on chest or the nap of the neck. Wear on the chest or the nap of the neck to stimulate the mind to want to take action. Place on solar plexus, sternum [key area].

MY_GRAIN: Has oils that are traditionally used to relieve headaches, nausea, depression and problems related to severe migraine headaches. It is most effective when inhaled, place two drops in the palm of your hand and cup over nose and inhale. Massage along the brain stem or through the thumbs. Have someone cross their hands and rub your thumbs using their middle fonger to push toward your hand. Also put on forehead, crown, shoulders, back of neck, temples, and vita flex points on the feet. For migraines put in palms of hands and inhale.

PANE AWAY: Was created to reduce pain and stimulate quicker healing by the induction of oxygen into the tissue site. It was developed to relieve pain during surgery with vo anesthetic [ Helichrtsum and cloves were also used. It alleviates the sympotoms of sciatica, relieves bone pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and promotes healthy circulation. It also helps with sports injuries, sprains, muscle spasms, bumps, and bruises. Apply as a compress on spine and to vita flex points on feet. Apply on location for muscles, cramps, bruises, or any place that hurts.

PEACE AND CALMING: Was formulated to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and tensiln. It may help hyperactive children get off ritalin. It may also help children with hypertension. It may be useful at the end of a stressful day to bring about relaxation, peace, or to relieve insomnia.

Apply under nose, back of neck, back [dilute with V-6 mixing oil], and feet. Put in bath water. Apply to navel, feet, or back of neck for insomnia. Wear as Perfume or cologne.

PRESENT TIME: Has an empowering fragrance, which give a feeling of being in the moment. One can only go forward and progress when in the present time. We must live in the moment in order to heal. We cannot live yesterdat, we cannot live tomorrow, we have to live TODAY. It is most effective when rubbed clockwise over the thymus [down the sternum- middle front of the ribs] in a circular motion, close eyes and tap 3 times with energy fingers [pointer and middle]. Also apply to neck and forehead.

PURIFICATION: Is for killing odors and their bacteria, molds and fungus. It kills anaerobic bacteria. It purifies and cleanses bacteria in the air, neutralizes mildew, cigarette smoke, and other noxious odors. It repels bugs, insects, and mice that like to live in homes, offices, and other confined areas. It has also been beneficial in neutralizing poison from insect bites, such as spiders, bees, hornet, and wasps. It is good for first aid in treating wounds and cuts. Apply to vita flex points of the body, ears, feet, and temples, Apply topically for infections and cleansing. Put on cotton balls in air vents for an insect repellant at home or at work.

RAVEN: Was formulated to help alleviate the systems of tuberculosis and pneumonia. It goes beyond RC for upper respiratory problems. It is for anything that is viral. It has been very beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of asthma. Apply to vita flex points of the body. Apply topically to lungs and throat. Put on your pillow at night. It was traditionally used in suppository application with V-6 mixing oils.

RC: Helps people with allergies, colds, bronchitis, respiratory congestion, flu, cold sores, pneumonia, sonusits, sore throat, mucus, and bone spurs. This blend is very beneficial in the diffuser. Dilute with V-6 Mixing oil and massage on the chest, back, and feet. It can be used as a compress over the chest and back. Put on sinuses and nasal passages [put oil on a Q-tip and rub on inside of nasal passages] Rub around ears, feet, neck, and throat. Apply to vita flex points on the body. It can be exchanged and alternated effectively with Raven.

RELEASE: Enhance the release of memory trauma from the cells of the liver, which stores anger and hate emotions. The frequency of the oils in Release may aid in the letting go of negative emotions so one can progress in a more effective and efficient way. It helps to release frustration. Apply oner the liver of as a compress. Put on the ears, bottom feet, especially vita flex points of feet. Wear as perfume or cologne.

RELIEVE IT: Is for deep tissue pain. This is an extraordinary formula with high anti-inflammatiry action. It seems to go beyond Pane Away in some pain applications, when alternated with Pane Away and /or Helichrysum. It may also help with sciatica and arthritic pain [try Birch too!] Pane Away is more for bone pain. Apply on location anywhere there is pain.

SACRED MOUNTAIN: Creates a feeling of protection, empowerment, and grounding. It helps one fin security and sacredness within oneself. In addition, it is anti-bacterial and is soothing to the respiratory system. Apply to the solar plexus, brain stem, crown of the head, back of the neck, behind the ears, thymus, and wrists. Wear as perfume or cologne.

SARA: Has a fragrance which stimulates one to relas into a mental state whereby one may be able to release and let go of the memory trauma of sexual and or ritual abuse. Apply over energy centers, on vita flex points, temples and nose.

SENSATION: Is a beautiful fragrance of Ylang Ylang Rose, and Jasmine. It is extremely uplifting, refreshing and arousing. Sensation is also very beneficial for skin problems of any kind. Apply on location, use for massage and add to your sensation bath and shower gel.

THIEVES: Helps protect the body from the onset of flu, candida, colds, etc. It may also help with sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs, strep, sore throats, gum disease, teething, cold sores, canker sores, bruises, cuts, infection, slivers and splinters [ pulls to surface]. It is considered anti-plague as it was used by thieves in England to protect them from the plague when stealing from the sick and dying. Apply to the bottom of feet, throat, stomach and intestines. Dilute 1 drop of thieves in 15 drops of V-6 mixing oil and massage the thymus to stimulate the immune system and massage under the arms to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is best applied to the bottom of the feet as it may be caustic to the skin. Always dilute with V-6 mixing oil.

3 WISE MEN: Opens the crown chakra to release emotions. It brings a sense of grounding and uplifting through memory recall. It keeps negative energy and negative emotions from reattaching to the body Apply th the crown of the head in a clockwise motion to create an energy of opening and releasing, followed by receiving the energy of the oils to fill the new void. Put on neck, eye brow, solar plexus, and thymus [clockwise]. Were as perfume or cologne.

VALOR: Helps empower the physical and spiritual bodies. It help us overcome fear and opposition so we can stand tall during adversity. It may help build courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It brings a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. It may be used in place of Peace and Calming for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder in children. It has been found to be beneficial in helping to align the physical structure of the body, relieves pain along spine. It also balances and alighs electrical energies within the body. It is best applied with 6 drops on each foot or massaged in raindrop application along the spine. Valor has been touted as a chiropractor in a bottle. It has changed scoliosis in 30 minutes. Valor changes anaerobic mutated cells back to their aerobicc natural state. It works best on the bottom of the feet. Put 6 drops of valor on the bottom of the feet. Put Valor on the heart, throat chakra, wrists, solar plexus from the neck to the thymus. To9 balance the left and right brain, put Valor on the left fingers and rub on the fight temple or put Valor on the right fingers and rub of the left temple or cross arms and rub Vita Flex points on bottom of the feet. To relieve pain along the spine, apply Valor to vita fles points of feet and spine in a raindrop application. Wear as perfume of cologne. NOTE:VALOR is the most important oil in in any application. This blend helps balance electrical energies within the body, giving courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It has been found to support the structural alignment. Most importantly, it builds the bridges between the body and the oils allowing higher frequency oils to raise the frequency of the body thus promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This is the first oil that should be used in Vita Fles Therapy. It is used to balance the energies of the body. Put 3-6 drops of Valor on the bottom of each foot. Some may also be applied to the brain stem. Hold the bottoms of the feet with your hands. Right hand to right foot and left hand to left foot. Continue holding the feet until you feel the body's energy balance. You may feel an energy pulse beating in both feet. Another way to balance, which may be preferable to some, is put 1 drop of Valor on the wrists and hold the wrists crossed together for a few mimutes. You may feel an energy pulse in your finger tips[thumb and index finger] when the energy balances.

WHITE ANGELICA: Is a formula made in two different phases, chilled 24 hours between phases, and then mixed together. It is a beautiful blend created to give a feeling of being in a special place with protection around you. It is primarily to create a frequency field to ward off the bombardment of negative energy. It is an important oil to be used in emotional cleansing. It increases the aura around the body, bringing a delicate sense of strength and protection and creating a greater awareness of one's potential. It may also help with anger, depression, headaches [especially when flying] Hemorrhoids, circulation, and lowering high blood pressure. Apply on shoulders, crown, chest, behind the ears, neck, forehead, and wrists, Add to bath water. Wear as perfume or cologne.

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